Uluburun shipwreck

The discovery of the uluburun wreck near kaş, off the turkish coast (bass, 1987 pulak, 2008), clearly offers exciting possibilities for our understanding of bronze age trade in the fourteenth century bc a major part of that understanding will come from determining where the vessel was travelling to, and therefore what. Various desalination, drying, consolidation and reconstruction strategies have been employed in the conservation of an unparalleled collection of bronze age glass ingots found on the uluburun shipwreck, excavated by the institute of nautical archaeology (ina) between 1984 and 1994 presented here are the results of a. The uluburun is a 3,300-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of uluburun (grand cape), near kaş in south-western turkey it is among the oldest ships ever discovered and contained one of the wealthiest and largest known assemblages of late bronze age items found in the mediterranean. The cypriot ceramic cargo of the uluburun shipwreck n hirschfeld abstract the ship that sank at uluburun was carrying about 130 pieces of cypriot pottery in its cargo, mostly fine bowls and juglets but also lamps and wall brackets some coarse-ware bowls, pitchers, kraters, and the pithoi may also have been. Uluburun shipwreck this late bronze age shipwreck, discovered off the turkish coast at uluburun in 1982, dates to approximately 1300 bc thousands of beads of vitreous material were found on the shipwreck, including approximately 75,000 faience beads and 9,500 glass beads bead form and style represented in the. Our dual focus in today's episode are shipwrecks from the same region of southern turkey the cape gelidonya wreck was discovered first, making it the first ancient shipwreck to have ever been fully recovered from the sea floor the uluburun wreck was found later, but it is the oldest shipwreck to have. The uluburun shipwreck will be the subject of a scientific conference to be held march 14 at the acropolis museum by bronze age navigation expert cemal pulak, a professor of marine archeology at texas a&m university and the deputy director of turkey's institute of nautical archaeology (ina.

The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the uluburun shipwreck for the readers of ijna discovery of the site was announced in its pages almost immediately after it was found (bass et al 1984: 27 1-79), and progress regarding the excavation and artefact studies has been described in several scholarly. The uluburun shipwreck has been regarded as a fundamental indicator of a sea route for the east-west transport of materials (pulak as far as silver is concerned, lead-isotope analysis indicates that the majority of what was found on the uluburun shipwreck originated in. Abstract the inventory of elite manufactured objects and the large quantity of metal recovered from the late bronze age uluburun shipwreck mirror in many respects pala- tial gift exchange deliveries as they are recorded in the contemporary amarna letters the excavator of the ship- wreck proposes that two men of. During one of the most notable late bronze age period shipwrecks, the uluburun shipwreck occurred and has been well researched by a lot of historians this 14th century bc shipwreck has been studied over and over again through time as it was one of the most significant shipwrecks of ancient times this ship was.

The uluburun shipwreck project: intercon- nections through trade in the late bronze age mediterraneanworld ellen dailey bedell the ellis school pittsburgh, pennsylvania subject: history: origins of world civilizations level: grade 9 length of unit: three weeks readings for the teacher: specific readings are. Archaeology (ina) conducting annual shipwreck surveys along the coast3 the original allure of the site was its cargo of copper ingots similar ingots had been discovered during the 1960 excavation of a seafaring merchant ship of around the twelfth-century bc off cape gelidonya, just 655 kilome- ters east of uluburun.

Accidentally discovered by a turkish sponge diver in 1982, the remains of the 3,300-year-old uluburun shipwreck lie 10km off the coast of southern turkey an entire decade of archaeological investigation into what is the world's oldest known shipwreck has revealed a vast cornucopia of ancient treasures, and the wreck. The uluburun shipwreck is a bronze age vessel discovered lying off the coast of kas, turkey the ship, probably originally from phoenicia/canaan, dates to between 1330 and 1300 bce and was carrying a full cargo of trade goods, perhaps from a port in the southern part of ancient lycia and likely on its way to the greek. The uluburun shipwreck, a vessel that sank in 1300 bc off the coast of what is now modern turkey, ranks among the greatest archaeological finds of all time learn about its remarkable underwater excavation, and wonder at the ship's fabulous cargo, from ancient raw materials such as copper ingots and ivory to lavish.

References • bachhuber ,c (2006) aegean interest on the uluburun ship american journal of archaeology, vol110 no3 pp345-363 • bass, g (1986) a bronze age shipwreck at ulu burun (kas): 1984 campaign american journal of archaeology, vol 90 no3, pp269-296 • haldane, c (1993. Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by robert. The uluburun shipwreck is at the center of a study of five wrecks by tel aviv university's yuval goren where did the ulubrun come from and where was it headed. A shipwreck found in 1982 at uluburun on the southern coast of turkey yielded unique insights into the late bronze age economy and commerce.

Uluburun shipwreck

uluburun shipwreck Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by ömür harmanşah.

Main gallery: shipwreck from uluburun the shipwreck from uluburun is a famous bronze age wreck and an underwater archeological site in turkey all pictures are made at the 2005/2006-exhibition das schiff von uluburun at the bochum bergbaumuseum see also bodrum museum of underwater. The uluburun shipwreck is a late bronze age shipwreck dated to the late 14th century bc, discovered close to the east shore of uluburun (grand cape), and about 6 miles (97 km) miles southeast of kaş, in south-western turkey the shipwreck was discovered in the summer of 1982 by mehmed çakir, a local sponge diver.

  • The uluburun shipwreck cargo as it was scattered over the seabed uluburun shipwreck, st peter's castle sometimes disaster brings the best rewards so it is with the uluburun bronze age shipwreck off the coast of southern turkey while i'm sure the sailors who went down with the ship sometime.
  • Uluburun shipwreck (tr uluburun batığı) is the most famous part of the bodrum museum of underwater archaeology in turkey this shipwreck, dated to the late 14th century bc (late bronze age), was found close to the uluburun cape in southern turkey by mehmed çakir - a sponge diver from yalikavak.
  • Also known as the kas wreck like cape gelidonya, this is another late bronze age shipwreck as we will see this wreck probably dates to the end of the 14th century bc it too is located on the south-central coast of turkey, roughly 50 miles west of cape gelidonya, just a short distance east of another important cape called.

The oldest and most exciting shipwreck ever discovered is that of a 15 metre syro - palestinian trading vessel whose cargo was sighted on the sea-bed by a sponge diver off a promontory called uluburun, near kas, on the south turkish coast the ship dates from about 1300 bc according to wachsmann (1998:xi) “ the. Intro to field archaeology original content. A late bronze age shipwreck discovered off uluburun (grand cape) about 6 miles southeast of kas offsite link in south-western turkey, contained one of the most extensive surviving cargos excavated from the mediterranean sea as a result of 22,413 dives from 1984 to 1994 a multitude of items of raw material used in.

uluburun shipwreck Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by ömür harmanşah. uluburun shipwreck Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by ömür harmanşah. uluburun shipwreck Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by ömür harmanşah. uluburun shipwreck Posts about uluburun shipwreck written by ömür harmanşah.
Uluburun shipwreck
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